AppVeyor is giving me code errors that dont exist

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15 Jan, 2018 09:28 PM

So i am using my test build server and i am having a few issues...
So the build servers have worked in the past, and the only thing that has changed is that i have added 2 installer projects.

However when building the build fails with a few errors and they are code errors. so natural i would go and fix them... but the project for the errors are from projects that dont exist in the solution... and even when i go to the projects that it could be from. the error is not there.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks and have a nice day :)

Link to build

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by Ilya Finkelshte... on 15 Jan, 2018 11:03 PM

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    Does it builds OK with msbuild command (not in VS) on your local machine?

  2. 2 Posted by assaultbird2454 on 15 Jan, 2018 11:22 PM

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    Yea it build on my local computer fine without issues...

  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by Ilya Finkelshte... on 15 Jan, 2018 11:46 PM

    Ilya Finkelshteyn's Avatar

    Sorry for asking (almost) the same second time. If you create clean clone of your repo on your machine and try to build with msbuild command line it works OK? If yes, please share your AppVeyor build configuration in YAML format (Export YAML menu).

  4. 4 Posted by assaultbird2454 on 16 Jan, 2018 12:56 AM

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    It builds fine (Only interactions outside of the build command was a nuget restore)

    Here is the yaml

    version: Pre-Alpha Test Build {build}
      do_not_increment_build_number: true
    skip_tags: true
    max_jobs: 1
    configuration: Release
    platform: x64
      Commit: '%APPVEYOR_REPO_COMMIT%'
      VersionCS: 999.9999.999.999
      Sentry_Client: https://[Hidden Sentry Link]
      Sentry_SaveEditor: https://[Hidden Sentry Link]
      Sentry_Server: https://[Hidden Sentry Link]
      Sentry_Launcher: https://[Hidden Sentry Link]
      Sentry_Updater: https://[Hidden Sentry Link]
    - cmd: >-
        echo Writing Client Versioning Info

    echo {"Version": "%Version%","Compile_Commit": "%Commit%"}  > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Client/ProjectVariables.json"
    echo Writing SaveEditor Versioning Info
    echo {"Version": "%Version%","Compile_Commit": "%Commit%"}  > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.SaveEditor/ProjectVariables.json"
    echo Writing Server Versioning Info
    echo {"Version": "%Version%","Compile_Commit": "%Commit%"}  > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/Launcher/ProjectVariables.json"
    echo Writing VPTU Versioning Info
    echo {"Version": "%Version%","Compile_Commit": "%Commit%"}  > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU/ProjectVariables.json"
    echo Writing Updater Versioning Info
    echo {"Version": "%Version%","Compile_Commit": "%Commit%"}  > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop-2/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Updater/ProjectVariables.json"
    echo Writing Telematry Information
    echo %Sentry_Client% > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Client/sentry_cid.txt"
    echo %Sentry_SaveEditor% > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.SaveEditor/sentry_cid.txt"
    echo %Sentry_Server% > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.ServerConsole/sentry_cid.txt"
    echo %Sentry_Launcher% > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/Launcher/sentry_cid.txt"
    echo %Sentry_Updater% > "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Updater/sentry_cid.txt"
    echo Copying Licence and Legal Notice Docs
    cd /d "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop"
    mkdir "Building Dir"
    copy "C:\projects\virtual-pokemon-tabletop\LICENSE" "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/Building Dir/LICENSE"
    copy "C:\projects\virtual-pokemon-tabletop\LEGAL NOTICE" "C:/projects/virtual-pokemon-tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/Building Dir/LEGAL NOTICE"
    echo Restoring Packages
    nuget restore
    build: project: Virtual Pokemon Tabletop/Virtual Pokemon Tabletop.sln verbosity: minimal after_build: - cmd: "set DEVENV="%VS140COMNTOOLS%\..\IDE\devenv.exe" \n\n\nDEVENV% /build "Release|x64" "C:\projects\virtual-pokemon-tabletop\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop.sln" /project "C:\projects\virtual-pokemon-tabletop\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Setup_x64\AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Setup_x64.vdproj" /projectconfig "Release|x64"\n\nDEVENV% /build "Release|x86" "C:\projects\virtual-pokemon-tabletop\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop.sln" /project "C:\projects\virtual-pokemon-tabletop\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Setup_x86\AssaultBird2454.VPTU.Setup_x86.vdproj" /projectconfig "Release|x86"" artifacts: - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x64\Standalone' name: Virtual PTU - x64 Standalone - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x64\Installer' name: Virtual PTU - x64 Installer - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x86\Standalone' name: Virtual PTU - x86 Standalone - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x86\Installer' name: Virtual PTU - x86 Installer - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x64_Debug\Standalone' name: Virtual PTU - x64 Debug Standalone - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x64_Debug\Installer' name: Virtual PTU - x64 Debug Installer - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x86_Debug\Installer' name: Virtual PTU - x86 Debug Standalone - path: '\Virtual Pokemon Tabletop\Building Dir\x86_Debug\Installer' name: Virtual PTU - x86 Debug Installer notifications: - provider: Webhook url:[Hidden Link] method: POST on_build_success: true on_build_failure: true on_build_status_changed: true
  5. 5 Posted by assaultbird2454 on 16 Jan, 2018 10:21 PM

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    It builds fine... but Appveyor cant build it...

  6. 6 Posted by assaultbird2454 on 17 Jan, 2018 06:32 AM

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    Ok, i will try making a new project and testing that

  7. 7 Posted by assaultbird2454 on 17 Jan, 2018 10:09 PM

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    Creating a new Appveyor project dident work...
    Build from new project

  8. assaultbird2454 closed this discussion on 19 Jan, 2018 08:58 PM.

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