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leaf's Avatar

possible to upgrade golang 1.12 to 1.12.10?

resolved 1 26 Sep, 2019 05:08 PM by Feodor Fitsner
Deb's Avatar

SDK 10 was not installed?

open 0 21 Sep, 2019 04:20 AM by Deb
belegdol's Avatar

appveyor builds more than twice as slow as travis

resolved 1 19 Sep, 2019 04:12 PM by Owen McDonnell
Guillermo's Avatar

Concurrent Jobs

resolved 1 18 Sep, 2019 06:47 PM by Owen McDonnell
human's Avatar

How to combine multiple yaml files (multiple build images, OS, compilers and scripts) into one

resolved 5 14 Sep, 2019 04:14 AM by Owen McDonnell
Baldur's Avatar

Can set Update-AppveyorBuild -CommitId as 40 chars but {{commitId}} is truncated

resolved 1 06 Sep, 2019 04:14 PM by Owen McDonnell
Christian Olsen's Avatar

Deployment only when Github PR gets approved?

resolved 0 29 Aug, 2019 09:51 AM by Christian Olsen
mailtokartik1's Avatar

Previous documentation does not exist now!!

open 2 29 Aug, 2019 02:25 AM by mailtokartik1
damien.osullivan's Avatar

Looking to upgrade our Azure build VMs to 2019 (from 2016)

resolved 2 26 Aug, 2019 06:26 PM by Ilya Finkelshteyn
andrewfehr's Avatar

Docker on Visual Studio 2019

resolved 4 21 Aug, 2019 01:37 PM by andrewfehr
cenit's Avatar

Extend build time

resolved 1 20 Aug, 2019 08:07 PM by Owen McDonnell
Tory's Avatar

I need some help with automated versioning and deploying a nuget package.

resolved 4 19 Aug, 2019 05:14 PM by Owen McDonnell
finnre's Avatar

Looks like a tag got misparsed here? Not important, but thought it might be useful.

resolved 3 15 Aug, 2019 05:00 AM by Ilya Finkelshteyn
Nguyen Linh's Avatar

Multi-branch configuration is not supported

resolved 3 14 Aug, 2019 01:40 PM by Owen McDonnell
finnre's Avatar

Why did one of these commit filters work and not the other?

resolved 8 14 Aug, 2019 03:40 AM by Owen McDonnell
Derek Smart's Avatar

Access D drive in Windows Server 2019

open 6 06 Aug, 2019 08:57 PM by Derek Smart
Calvin's Avatar

Permission denied when attempting to write to bind mount in D:

resolved 2 06 Aug, 2019 04:45 AM by Calvin
mathieu.cartoixa's Avatar

MSBuild logger verbosity

open 2 05 Aug, 2019 09:55 AM by mathieu.cartoixa
luke.reed's Avatar

NREL conda channel not recognized

resolved 4 31 Jul, 2019 12:05 AM by luke.reed
Derek Smart's Avatar

How to set Windows Server 2019 JAVA_HOME

open 2 30 Jul, 2019 05:52 PM by Derek Smart
Maxime Ball's Avatar

Run test before merge PR

resolved 3 25 Jul, 2019 03:42 PM by Owen McDonnell
raul's Avatar

Cloning GitHub subfolder only

resolved 2 23 Jul, 2019 09:57 PM by Owen McDonnell
ryan's Avatar

Guidance on switching Docker to use Linux containers in Windows builds

resolved 3 23 Jul, 2019 01:12 PM by ryan
raul's Avatar

Using cache for packages slows down build time

open 2 22 Jul, 2019 09:39 PM by raul
ryan's Avatar

How do I get SSDT in the Visual Studio 2019 image?

resolved 1 20 Jul, 2019 07:18 PM by ryan
Michael's Avatar

Does AppVeyor support Dlang?

resolved 1 19 Jul, 2019 10:40 PM by Owen McDonnell
raul's Avatar

Selection of image build for reproducibility

open 2 19 Jul, 2019 09:44 PM by raul
mharen's Avatar

Migrate 100s of projects from BitBucket to GitHub or GitHub to BitBucket

resolved 3 19 Jul, 2019 05:32 PM by Ilya Finkelshteyn
Yuriy Sernivka's Avatar

Can I run visual tests that require GPU hardware support?

resolved 1 19 Jul, 2019 01:50 AM by Ilya Finkelshteyn
Michael's Avatar

How would I know if AppVeyor is parsing my yaml file?

resolved 1 18 Jul, 2019 04:38 AM by Owen McDonnell

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